Joyce Dillon, RN, MN is a highly skilled and certified transition and life purpose coach, health and wellness practitioner, author, radio host, and speaker who helps professional women, entrepreneurs, and leaders live and work from their highest self with authenticity, clarity and purpose.

Her integrative, transformational coaching and training programs helps her clients identify and get clarity on their life purpose, transform their core beliefs, and create a sustainable plan for change, through life purpose, mind/body medicine, psychology, ancient wisdom and intuitive painting.

As a master level psychiatric mental health nurse, Joyce worked as a clinical director and nurse consultant for several mental health programs in Manhattan and Atlanta. She launched one of Atlanta’s first holistic wellness centers to help people to effect change in their mind, body and spirit.

As a former travel, incentive and meeting industry professional, she partnered with major corporations including Kellogg, Subaru, and The Carter Presidential Center, culminating in the opportunity to work with the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

Using her therapeutic training and business experience, Joyce helps her clients transform old beliefs and thinking patterns, and navigate successfully life’s losses and transitions through one-on-one coaching, group coaching, workshops and retreats.


Twenty years ago Jennifer (a.k.a. ‘JMac’) was a young non-profit executive, ready to set the world on fire with her passion for doing good. Armed with a strong set of leadership skills she had acquired from mentors, Jennifer holistically transformed an entire fundraising platform.

Though the organization began to thrive, Jennifer’s body weakened. What eventually became bigger than her ambition was her inability to function. Working 90+ hour weeks for an extended period finally caught up. It didn’t matter that she loved what she was doing.

It turned out, she was confusing love for an addiction.

From the moment she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in the late 90s, Jennifer was determined to avoid a life of pharmaceutical dependency – even though that was the only option she was given. Eighteen months later she weened herself off the prescription drugs by leveraging her newfound knowledge about universal principles (which she likens to the physics of our thoughts) and the mind-body connection.

Today she is 15 years into a career as a Change Consultant and Transformational Coach. Fibromyalgia was only the initial excuse for massive change. Jennifer also experienced divorce, breast cancer and the resultant financial ruin. A former smoker, Jennifer now looks forward to starting every day with an exercise regimen she never dreamed she could handle.

As a single, self-employed mother of two teenagers, a dog and a cat, Jennifer still understands the stressors of adult life. What she shares is a fresh, energizing perspective and the tools to create a life of joy, strength, courage and fulfillment.

Now passionate about the increasing need for more conscious business leaders, Jennifer is on a new mission: to motivate leaders to take bold, positive action in a direction that leads the world to new heights.